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April 11, 2014

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Nebraska Information Network (NIN) and the Local Telephone Companies are working vigorously with the many schools in Nebraska and the Department of Education, to improve and enhance student education at all levels.

Distance Learning is a method of teaching that allows the teachers and classrooms located in various remote locations to conduct “face to face” classes otherwise not available. The Local Telephone Companies have been very instrumental in putting the two-way audio-visual technology in place and installing the network that facilitates this Distance Learning. One of the most important advantages of this system is that it provides the school districts the ability to enhance the teaching curriculum so that all students have an equal opportunity to learn. Examples of these enhancements are the ability to offer three or four years of a foreign language, four years of math, enhanced science classes not otherwise available, and classes in other areas such as creative writing, etc.

As we speak plans are being discussed to improve this network and to make it even more adaptable.

Schools at various levels, Middle School, Junior High, High School, and College, are participants in the Distance Learning program.

This cooperation, between NIN, the Local Telephone Companies, and the Schools, in providing Distance Learning puts Nebraska in a leadership position as it ranks in the top four or five states in the Nation that are using this application. Even though this recognition is appreciated, the primary reason for this effort is to benefit the students and to help them reach their full learning potential. To learn more about this system contact your Local School, Local Telephone Company or Nebraska Information Network.

Maps that show the Distance Learning System will be loaded in a future update.